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+ Sailing mechanic
+ Assassination and combat are visceral and stealth is not even required for most of the missions
+ This time your current-time character works for the templars
+ Gives closure and more backstory on Desmond
+ The locations are beautifully rendered
+ MUCH to explore

- Camera is a bit wonky at times
- Ends on a non-ending, as far as current-time character is concerned
- Other than computers and notes, the Abstergo building doesn't offer much activity
- Online content felt tacked-on and wholly unnecessarily so
- Online content in the single-player campaign did not function for me, and the activities didn't unlock on my playthrough

+/- Combat was chaotic when crowded
+/- Many characters were introduced all of a sudden, and their initial relationships were left unclear
+/- Characters have lots of room for additional content, but it appears that this is being DLC'd
+/- Multiplayer added with rewards unlocked in the campaign
+/- The social media aspect with the companion app

The plundering and contrastingly the utter relaxing joy of sailing are the core of this game, and they add a charm not seen in the other games of the series, and the meta aspect of the current-time character are a nice touch.

Final score on a 1-10 scale with 5 being average is a strong 7/10, but if the online content had been just on the disk and unnecessary DLCitis had been taken out, this game would have been a solid 8/10.

The game gets my personal bad-ass seal of approval.
A quick text review of the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PC, Skull Edition).

I'm throwing a quick positives vs negatives comparison with a short summary of what I thought of the game.  Subject to change and expansion.

A friend thought I should let others know my review, so I am putting it up here for people to see, so post comments and ask questions of what I thought of some details and aspects of the game.

The Bad-Ass seal of approval is an homage to Angry Joe and the Angry Joe Show.  I will link when he finally releases his review of the game.
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Hey, I watched his channel a few times. But my favorite movie people are Redlettermedia.
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