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Submitted on
December 29, 2013


Christmas has passed and a new year is upon us.  Hectic days these past few months.

I've completed my first internship period with flying colors and next year is the final crunch in college.

I've been starting new projects on my end that should come to fruition as time passes.  I need to finish my tank design, ship design, unit structures, rank charts and the new dropship design.  I've also started a study of what different camo patterns would look like if they'd share the same color scheme (SURPAT) with approximately the same ratios.

Add to that a massive backlog of games I'd like to get off my list, including Dragon Age Origins and II, along with DLCs and add-ons before the release of Inquisition (300hrs or so of gaming ahead).

But once again World of Tanks has gripped me, thanks to clan activities and the latest challenge of grinding 700k experience points by week 3 to get a 50€ premium tank for free.

Couple that with general negligence/laziness that's been creeping here, I'll officially put requests on hold until I get my to-do list shortened significantly.

I'll add smaller items I have waiting for posting or that I get a spark about them.
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Hey man I know you don't watch me so I'll have to show you this:… You might actually be impressed. Your base is really going places, we have swords, guns, flagbearers, and more. 
Cool, glad to hear your almost done with college.

Backlog of games. lol
That used to sound familiar. I gotten to the point where I just buy 2-3 games a year now. There are many more I would love play but I have to be honest with myself. I do not have the time to actively play all those games and it's not worth the money for the short period of time I will be playing it if I did.
I usually buy 5 per year, max 10 full price.  But Steam has been having awesome sales on lately.  Bought three games in the past 10 days (Borderlands II, New Vegas, Mirror's Edge).

I did get LoZ:aLBW at the start of this month, and it took me two weeks to get through it.  All-in-all, it's a good game.  Plus since it's portable and easily paused, I can spread out the gaming hours to short breaks I have between other activities.

But seriously, on the backlog you would not believe the amount of hours I'd need to sink into it to get it out of the way.  Currently Black Flag is on the top of my list, and I sink a lot of time into WoT.  But on the others that I have INSTALLED, Skyrim needs a lot more hours in, Baldur's Gate hasn't progressed past the starting castle, Brütal Legend is around the end of the first act (I think), Saint's Row is about 30% done, AVGN is impossible to progress in, Recettear is stuck at week 2, Silent Hill 2 I simply cannot and WILL NOT play past the hospital, I haven't even built the Avenger yet in UFO -Enemy Unknown and I dread the possible ending I'll get in Papers, Please.  So I might be looking at a thousand hours or more here. 
And of that thousand, DA's 300+ takes significant priority, as I am starting to worry whether or not I'll have that complete save file at the very end of Dragon Age II ready for Inquisition.  And I intend to play all the DLCs in addition to the core games.
If you need help with requests I can pitch in. I'm open, here. If you've seen my newest uniforms my ability to draw on your base is through the roof compared to my first shallow attempts.

If there are reference photos I can draw them. I'm currently at my leisure drawing the Germans and updating my own military.
You're free to such projects.  But I have no historical uniform projects on my table nor new uniform designs for my 'verse.
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